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The purpose of this site is to provide advanced knowledge about soundproofing to all those wanting to know more about what is available for soundproofing and what can be done to stop noise or treat noise problems.

If you are new to soundproofing, perhaps the first thing to do is to review the various courses available on soundproofing101.com. Then you can explore this site for more information about advanced soundproofing topics that may interest you.

We intend to build this site into a general reference on soundproofing with contributions by many soundproofing and acoustical experts.

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Learn About Soundproofing

Between soundproofing101.com and this site, you can learn enough to make educated decisions for solving your noise problem. You can apply these soundproofing solutions and have an excellent sound studio, but all of the noise problems don't have to be solved in most residential or commercial situations.

You do not have to become an expert on soundproofing in order to solve your noise problem. You can become educated and approach the situation by addressing one item at a time until you are happy with what was once possibly an unbearable noise condition.

How To Address Your Soundproofing Needs

If you are a condo owner and you have loud neighbors, you will need to understand flanking noise and soundproofing walls and what to do to solve this.

If your noise problem is about traffic noise, you probably need to research soundproofing your windows (and save money), because that is where the biggest noise intrusion will come from.

If you are concerned about soundproofing a room and stopping sound vibration, check out our latest article on construction and soundproofing.

For commercial soundproofing during large construction projects, our newest contributor explains how their acoustical curtain panels and other products were used to reduce noise on the largest highway construction job ever undertaken in the United States and ensure a minimal impact on local businesses and residences.

Feel free to peruse this site for guidance on soundproofing. Check our site for helpful soundproofing information, before you spend any money trying to solve a frustrating noise problem, or to educate yourself before undertaking an expensive soundproofing project. We also have some helpful soundproofing resources on our links page.

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