Soundproofing and Construction, Part 3:
Damping & Soundproofing Summary

4. The Most Important Element for Soundproofing: Damping

Damping is the last and the biggest element for soundproofing. If we could reduce “his” drywall from sound vibration in the first place, it would make the jobs of the mass, the insulation and the decoupling easier and much more effective. Keep in mind that “his” drywall is a HUGE surface area that is vibrating and causing sound vibration.

Adding Green Glue damping to reduce noise and sound vibration

Note how damping the drywall on the sound producing side of the wall reduced all sound vibration immediately. The decoupling, absorption and mass all have less of a job to do, resulting in significantly improved soundproofing performance overall.

Adding Damping to Your Wall for better sound isolation performance and soundproofing

There are several soundproofing products available that damp drywall to stop sound vibration. The highest performance in soundproofing for the lowest cost is Green Glue. Used between standard drywall, plywood, subflooring or MLV, Green Glue damps a higher amount of sound vibration than any other material available.

Summary of Soundproofing and Construction

All these elements perform different and distinct functions in soundproofing, so you see that de-coupling clips don't replace damping Green Glue. Damping Green Glue doesn't replace absorptive insulation. The best results for high performance soundproofing come from using all of these elements.

Contributing Soundproofing Expert:

Ted White
Soundproofing Company, Inc.