Soundproofing Resources

We are familiar with these soundproofing websites and can vouch for their authenticity and quality products. Please visit them and let them know you were referred by

Soundproof Windows

The amazing thing about this company's product is that you do not replace your existing windows. They are "secondary" windows... this is an excellent site for noise abatement in general. These people understand the issues relative to soundproofing windows.

Soundproofing Company

The Soundproofing Company specializes in low cost, real world solutions to noise problems. No hype, no high prices, just the high quality products you need to solve the noise problems you have.

Soundproofing 101

This soundproofing website has free step-by-step instructions on how to apply soundproofing to your home, presented as "courses" in a clear and easy to understand format.

Sound Seal

Sound Seal ® specializes in industrial and residential noise control solutions, architectural acoustics and floor underlayment systems.

Sound Isolation Company

A national distributor of soundproofing products and advice; their products are tested, fully evaluated, in stock and ready for immediate pick-up or shipment.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

A national non-profit organization with extensive on-line noise related resources. A good place to study noise issues.